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Forget the mouse, use a tablet!

2. Destiny Brushes

No matter if you are an illustrator, designer, retoucher… definitively use a tablet. Invest time in sketching! In graphic and web design, take advantage of the infinite possibilities of using styles. A simple layer, shape or text can look awesome with a few style effects and these can be saved to be applied in different layers.

In typography art, I would say that the new Photoshop CS6 3D text manipulation options should be your ally, it has been improved drastically so you can do anything you can imagine with a few clicks. Just give it a try!

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In painting, use brushes but not all brushes! The best way to work with them is by using similar techniques, so your projects will look consistent. If you use too many different brushes, in an illustration for example, it will loose strengh and coherence. So, the most important thing to start working with Photoshop is that we get used to using a style of work that maximizes the options non-destructively, so that we will always be able to make changes to our projects and will ensure that nothing is lost in the process.

If you are a beginner or a veteran Photoshop user, my recommendation is that you integrate these tips into your working method and you will soon see the results: you will be able to do the same work in less time, and with better editing speed.

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Moving just to the right, we have the Line Type drop down box. We can see immediately that we have the ability to change to a dashed or dotted line simply by choosing the presets. There usually is, in Photoshop. We can change the appearance of the dashed lines, customize and save our own presets. Within the Stroke options, we have the same three drop down lists for Align, Caps and Corners… except, in this dialog, they have descriptions.

Here, you get the hint.

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For example, the Align parameter can be set to align the stroke inside the path default , centered on the path, or outside the path. The changes are viewable in real time, so as soon as you make the change you can see the results without leaving the dialog:. The bottom section includes a checkbox for Dashed Line — when you create presets, this needs to be checked to enable the parameters just underneath. How does this work? This creates a dash of length 4, with a gap of length 2, and another dash of length 1, followed by a gap of two.

The pattern then repeats.

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The result is a pattern of alternating long and short dashes, with rounded ends:. To fully understand that, we need to understand how end caps are applied to the dash segments.

10 Photoshop brushes for lightning effects creation

There are three possible types:. The only way to see the true size of the Dash and Gap is to change the Caps to a Butt type, like so:. Now, you can see the squared off ends, and the dash and gap ratio make more sense.

The final parameter is Corners, which can also be one of three settings:. Again, you may see some jagged edges depending on document resolution:. Given these capabilities, we can create any number of unique custom settings for our stroked lines.

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Once you click save, the new preset appears in the list of available stroke types. Customized dashed and dotted strokes now available in Photoshop. And — Bonus Tip!