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We finally figured out that searching for a space and then walking from that space in Timbuktu adds more time than parking at Peachy. So we'll be using this from now on. Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community! This was first experience with off-airport parking and I am a fan! I followed the direction on my parking receipt and had no problem finding the return shuttle for the interior parking. Outdoor Peachy pickup is at a different parking bay than the interior Peachy pickup.

The drivers ask if you're at the covered or uncovered lot before you board at the airport, so there's little room for error. Thanks to Groupon my car is parked at Peachy as we speak type. Only place I use now.

Peachy Airport Parking (Indoor)

I have never had to wait for a shuttle. I only use the outdoor, and it is kinda a pain to walk all the way to the end but really not a big deal after walking the thru the airport. I love the idea of the car wash, but I have always been to tired to deal with the car wash and always just want to get home. I went on a recent business trip and used their indoor parking.

I'll be using this service from now on. If you access the airport via I, Peachy is the most convenient option.

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Just off the interstate and then take over the pain of dealing with airport traffic. Another nice feature is they guide you where to park which means you don't have to drive around looking for an open space like at the lots at the airport.

It's all we use now. I used Peachy for the first time recently. The drivers were great but the staff at the covered lot were not very friendly and did not provide us with any information. I made a reservation online, even providing my Delta Skymiles number because they supposedly give you points for parking there. This was a bit of a waste because they did not even ask for the reservation when I arrived at to park my car. The lot was full and I had to leave my car with an attendant to park later. We took the shuttle to the International terminal and the driver was extremely nice and helpful.

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I returned a week later and had no problem catching the bus back to the lot. The driver again was extremely helpful and courteous.

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The bus was packed and when we got back to the lot he got the parking locations and keys for the cars which made me wonder if ALL the parking there is valet or not. In any case, there was one lady on the bus whose keys they could not find and the driver was extremely apologetic and promised to drive her around to find her car. He dropped me off and I got my car. One of the services they offer and I told them I wanted was a car wash but the car was just as dirty as when I dropped it off.

I paid and was on my way. Today I got my Skymiles statement and confirmed that making the reservation was a complete waste of time because they did not give me any miles.

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A mailer I got from Peachy a few hours later said that you have to give the reservation information with your skymiles number to the cashier when exiting the building in order to get your miles. I guess parking here is OK because you can leave your car there, but in the end there is little that would make them stand out enough for me to consider using them again.

I think the skymiles process is a bit clunky, too. You're supposed to print out a copy of your reservation with the skymiles number on it and give it to them when you check out so that they can credit your account. I always forget, and for 30 skymiles or so it hasn't seemed worth it to follow up. I parked there last weekend and was part of the "valet" process too.

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This was the first time I'd experienced that, and I've probably parked there 20 times. In the past I've always pulled to my space, and then the driver would arrive and pick up me and my luggage. The valet angle really slowed down the process when it came time to pick up the cars , I thought. The driver should have radioed ahead with the ticket numbers so that the gate attendant could have the keys waiting. Hopefully they'll manage it better in the future. I'm trying a valet service tomorrow where you pick up a driver who rides with you in your car to the airport, then drives your car back.

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On return, he picks you up in your car , and you drop him back off. Home services Coupons Peachy Airport Parking. Call Us For More Information Use Coupon.

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