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These snow-blowing machines are usually quite a bit heavier — by about pounds — and more powerful than regular throwers. They are also a bit more expensive, but there are a few out there that are affordable. The blowers are usually a good idea if you have a gravel driveway because they typically include shoes that are adjustable and allow you to lift the mouth up from the ground. A blower unit is usually powered by gas, which means you will need to make sure it has enough fuel every season.

Your blower may need some attention during the season, or afterward, and before the next season to ensure it keeps running as intended. Maintenance for these machines is much more involved than it is for a thrower model.

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You can find some that include all sorts of extras that you might expect in a luxury car — not a blower. Offered on some of the higher-end snowblower models, these are hand grips that warm up when you power on your snow blower to keep your hands from going numb while you plow and throw the snowfall from your driveway to your yard. Some of the less expensive units might include a small headlight, but usually not. You can usually find LED and halogen headlights added onto the more expensive blowers to help you see in the dark predawn hours. It includes a amp motor, which provides enough power to easily handle light and fluffy snow.

In fact, under perfect conditions, this thrower can move up to pounds of material per minute, which is impressive. Just direct the chute where you want it from side to side, or in front of you, and you can blow stuff up to 25 feet away. The width of this Snow Joe Ultra is 18 inches, which lets you clear material in fewer passes than, say, a shovel. And the intake is 10 inches high, which means it can theoretically handle up to inch tall banks.

You have to remember, though, that this is just a single-stage thrower, so it can take out the light, fluffy stuff easily, but icy, hard-packed stuff takes a bit longer. This is a lightweight machine, so to really get at the harder stuff, you may need to put some power behind it at times. The problem is finding one. Buying any product the right way takes time and, unfortunately, that is a resource most of us are short on.

That is exactly why we have done your homework for you. We studied the market, tested the products, and assembled everything that we learned into this guide. In first place, we have the Yardmax YB This unit earned itself a place in our top slot by providing buyers with the perfect combination of value and performance.

The 9 Best Snow Blowers to Buy in

It boasts multiple speed settings that will empower you to take a more precise approach to the specific requirements of each unique snow situation. The Yardmax also features an easy-to-start-engine, which will save you a lot of time and frustration in cold weather. Serrated steel augers will help you work through ice and tight snow. Perhaps most importantly, this unit is also engineered for optimal snow throwing distance with minimal snow blowback. Like any product out there, there are several flaws that you, as a potential buyer, may want to take note of.

The biggest downside to this snowblower that we were able to identify is that it does require more assembly than the others listed. This machine has been optimized for maneuverability, with an easy to turn frame that will make it easy to give your property a comprehensive sweep. The Snow Joe is also extremely efficient.

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The biggest issue that we detected was that the machine seems to struggle with deep snowfall. For regular situations, this product is going to hold up just fine. But if the snow builds up to over a foot, you may encounter some issues. Shoppers who are looking to get the best combination of value and performance that they can find are going to want to look long and hard at this unit. With a The biggest issue that we identified with this snow blower is power.

Unfortunately, if the region that you live in is prone to heavy snowfall, this may not be a suitable choice for you.

The 9 Best Snow Blowers to Buy in 12222

In fourth place, we have the Poulan Pro. Unfortunately, this unit is not quite as impressive as the last three that we looked at. Reliability and consistency are critical when it comes to snow blowers after all, these are sometimes used in emergency situations and unfortunately, both are departments in which the Poulan does not excel.

First, the good. If price is the main factor driving your buying decision then you may think about going with this option. However, performance issues make the Poulan much less appealing. Its motor is just not up to snuff. The unit is also prone to stalling or dying in particularly cold conditions, which means that it may not be able to help you out much in an emergency situation. A regular tuneup involves cleaning, changing the oil and installing a new spark plug, among other things.

If the machine needs major repairs or special parts, it may cost more. Components like belts need to be replaced every five to seven years or so. Multiple online sources say that snow blowers made between the s and s were better constructed and built from better materials than those manufactured today. Allegedly, many of these old snow blowers are still going strong.

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Consumer Reports estimates you can expect a snow blower today to last about 10 years, but with proper maintenance, you can double its lifespan or more. Our lineup of snow blowers consists mainly of two types: electric single-stage and gas two-stage snow blowers. If you live in a moderate snowfall area an inexpensive electric single-stage blower might be all you need.


If you live in a heavy snowfall area, a powerful two-stage snow blower is almost essential. Some manufacturers have taken it to the next level and released three-stage snow blowers, which can remove snow with even more power and efficiency. A three-stage snow blower processes snow in three phases: auger, impeller and an added impeller called an accelerator. The added accelerator is designed to increase its capacity for breaking up snow and ice, making it faster and more efficient at removing snow.

It can easily remove 18 inches of snow with a single pass, but it can handle even deeper snow with multiple passes. This will also help you power through plow piles, that build-up of snow and ice at the bottom of your driveway. Even some of the best two-stage snow blowers can get bogged down on this section of your driveway, especially in high snow volume areas. Cub Cadet was the innovator of the three-stage snow blower, and they still manufacturer some of the best on the market. It has all the convenience features most people look for: electric start, headlight, heated handgrips, multiple speeds and freewheel steering for excellent handling.

It can power through the toughest snow conditions with its three-stage technology and will plow through deep snow, including plow piles, as quickly and efficiently as any snow blower out there. Technology: Track Drive Snow Blowers. A snow cat uses tracks in place of wheels to give it constant contact with the ground for maximum control over snow of any depth. A track drive snow blower works on the same principle. Track drive technology is available on either two- or three-stage gas snow blowers and is designed to handle serious snow with maximum traction.

You can use track drive blowers on all types of surfaces — steep paved or unpaved surfaces. One of the disadvantages of track drive snow blowers is that they handle like a tank and are harder to maneuver than a wheeled snow blower. Most of them require you to engage a handle-mounted trigger to turn.

Many models also allow you to adjust the speed according to the terrain and depth of the snow. This is a good option for some high snow volume areas, but you should be aware of both its strengths and limitations before buying one. Single-stage snow blowers are available in gas and electric models. They are simple snow blowers that have an auger, which is the blade that gathers snow to blow out of the chute. These machines are quite easy to maintain, and they work well for small driveways, sidewalks or decks that have 8 inches of snow or less on them. However, you have to be careful not to run over the cord.

For some situations an electric snow blower is a great solution.

Snow won't slow you down.

Gas yard tools are almost always more powerful than their electric counterparts and that is especially true of snow blowers. If you live in a high snow volume area and consistently have snowfalls of 2 feet or more, a gas snow blower is essential. But if you live in the valley or in an area where snowfalls of 2 to 6 inches are common, an electric snow blower is ideal.

Some people who live in high snow volume areas have both a gas and electric snow blower on hand to use for storms of varying severity. While shoveling is a good option sometimes, it can get tedious even in an area that consistently experiences moderate snowfalls. Like any gas tool, snow blowers require oil. How you go about putting oil in your machine depends on the type of engine it has.

Most snow blowers made after have four-cycle also called four-stroke engines. You should change the oil at least annually, preferably before it starts snowing.