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What if there's a way to not pay full price for the service, though? Would it make it more enticing for you? There's no denying that SiriusXM is a neat service. You get many more channels than you do on the standard radio. Whether you're in the mood for music, news, sports, documentaries, or comedy, there's likely a channel that will suit you.

There's no worry about changing stations when you get too far away from your home area. The service itself tends to be reliable too, except in certain remote areas. Bottom Line : Skip the negotiation. Sirius is now offering a deal that's practically their best offer. It's a satellite radio service for your car. But you can also stream it on your phone, computer, or tablet with certain subscriptions.

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You'll get access to commercial-free music on 72 different channels; sports talk; entertainment; comedy; news; traffic and weather; plus 14 miscellaneous channels. This subscription has a few commercial-free channels in its lineup, but not all channels are commercial free.

The music channels are commercial free with this subscription. This selection also includes traffic, weather, sports, and news. This subscription also allows you to stream SiriusXM on devices. First, research the latest SiriusXM promotions. Once you know which SiriusXM package you want, it's time to negotiate a lower price for it. The steps are simple and require you to call SiriusXM and ask for the retention department.

Once you are speaking to a rep in the retention department, it's time to ask for the discount. You can start by letting them know how much you love SiriusXM and would like to continue your subscription, but that you don't think you can swing the price. The rep will likely offer you several offers after you mention that you won't pay the advertised price.

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Don't make the mistake of jumping on the first offer sent your way. Instead, keep putting them off by declining the offers. The first offer is usually for a full-year subscription. Make sure you are quickly able to do the math when they throw numbers at you. When you divide it out by month, you'll likely see that it's only a few dollars less per month. You can do better. The rep will likely then offer you a flat fee for six months, which may come out to a little cheaper than the month package, but it's still not their lowest offer.

SiriusXM’s new streaming-only ‘Essential’ plan targets smart speaker owners – TechCrunch

This is usually the rock-bottom offer SiriusXM can offer. While the steps sound easy, you may come across a less than willing agent. It's important to stand your ground. You should give up on the request if it's not going your way. This doesn't mean you'll have to give up your SiriusXM, though. You'll just need to try again. After you hang up with the agent, wait a few minutes and call again. Chances are that you will get another agent this time. You can repeat the steps above with a new agent.

If you are still unsuccessful, go ahead and cancel the service. We know this isn't what you wanted, but there's a method to the madness. Once you cancel the service, you will likely receive offers to become a member again. These offers may be lower than the offers the agent provided you when you called to cancel. Once you receive an offer that is low enough for you, sign up for the subscription again.

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Know Your Expiration Date Make sure you note the expiration date of your offer. If you don't, your subscription will renew at the current price, which will likely be much higher than what you pay. SiriusXM has disrupted radio with its complete entertainment package that includes commercial-free music, exclusive talks, and non-stop entertainment.

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From comedy and sports to news and traffic, SiriusXM has it all. SiriusXM also has various offerings such as family-friendly packages, an all-entertainment package, or business packages for the yuppies.

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Join the fun, find out what the best SiriusXM deals are, and finally start streaming music anywhere for a low price with SiriusXM's discounts and promotions. Subscribe online at www. When you buy something using these coupons and promotional codes, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Seasonal Sales Back to School. All Coupon codes Offers. You can get more than stations of music, s You can get more than stations of music, sports, comedy, and talk shows with this SiriusXM deal on a streaming plan.

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