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Cassandra Rawlins , out for Brad, offered him a permanent job at Ra-Tech. In his personal life, Brad proposed to Ashley, but Traci decided to win him back. She felt betrayed by her sister when she learned of the proposal. Ashley went away to a cabin to sort out her feelings, and wound up marrying old love Victor. Furious, his attitude was evident at work, where Victor ordered him to snap out of it or find another job.

Brad accepted Cassandra's offer, and to work out the details, agreed to go skiing with her in Aspen. She drugged him on the way and flew to Vegas. The next day, a groggy Brad woke up Cassandra Rawlins told Brad he had willingly participated in the wedding but he was concerned about missing a date with Traci Abbott due to the snowstorm canceling flights.

The marriage was over as soon as Brad learned from Traci that Cassandra had drugged him. Brad and Cassandra had an amicable divorce but, on her way to see Paul Williams after signing the divorce papers, Cassandra was hit by a truck and killed. Everyone thought Paul had inherited her money, but the judge died before he could sign the divorce papers so Brad inherited her VERY sizable estate incluing the house which he promptly renamed Carlton Manor.

Traci and Brad grew close again but Ashley Abbott used him as a shoulder to cry on for her marital problems. His plans with Ashley were dashed when he found out Traci was pregnant. Though she said she was more than willing to raise the baby by herself, Brad loved her and wanted to be a father so they married for the second time. He spent quite a bit of time talking business with Ashley and Traci's jealousy flared up once again. Even the birth of Brad's daughter or so it was thought at the time , Colleen Carlton , didn't help.

When Traci's publisher, Steve Connolly , moved to town, he and Traci soon fell in love. Looking at a manuscript of Traci's, Brad realized how much she loved Steve and how much Steve loved her and Colleen. For many years to come, Colleen saw Brad sporadically and breaking his heart by referring to him as "Mr.

In , Brad rekindled his affair with Lauren, even going back to work at Fenmore's temporarily. He even bonded with her young son, Scotty Grainger. But Traci disapproved of their affair, and when Brad had a heart attack after a night of passion in , Traci and Lauren got into a catfight in the waiting room! Lauren left town the next year, but Brad had already moved on to Nikki Newman , the boss' ex. They planned to marry, in spite of her ever-present feelings for Victor and his flirtation with a returned-to-town Ashley. On their wedding day, Victor was shot and Nikki rushed to the hospital to be at his side.

After Brad was cleared as a suspect, he ended his relationship with Nikki and left town. Brad stayed away until , when old foe Jack called with a tantalizing proposition: a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises.

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Brad left his life in Italy to accept a job at Newman, constantly clashing with Jack in staged confrontations. With Victor's bitter ex-wife, Diane Jenkins , on the board, Jack felt they would eventually be able to take the company as Victor had taken Jabot years earlier. The time came sooner than anyone expected when Victor was once again presumed dead, this time in a plane crash.

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Jack and Brad seized power, but after Victor returned they began their usual infighting, with Jack going to Jabot and Brad staying with Newman. Brad was then fired by Victor and had a contract precluding him from working anywhere else, but after considerable wrangling and heartache, Victor dropped this for Ashley because Brad paid part of the debt for the Abbotts to buy back Jabot. Brad had friendly dinners with Diane and began another affair with Nikki over late and winter she wouldn't commit and he broke up with her , but his feelings for Ashley had never gone away.

Once her marriage to Cole Howard dissipated, Ashley came back from a cruise pregnant with a baby she said was fathered by her friend Christian Page. The child could have been Victor Newman 's, a time bomb only Ashley knew about. Brad came to her rescue, wooed her and talked her into marrying him, and raising the child as his own. Ashley went in to labor, leaving Brad and the wedding guests waiting. Victor rushed her to the hospital, Ash gave birth to a baby girl, and Brad and Ashley were married in her hospital room. Brad and Ashley are now happily married, and Brad has adopted Abby Carlton.

Problems are never far from the horizon, and Traci swept into town again after learning Steve had had an affair. She still loved Brad, and Colleen clung to the father she barely knew in favor of the father who had betrayed her and her mother. Before tensions between Traci and Ashley could reach epic proportions, Traci returned to New York to try again with Steve. Colleen was furious and began rebelling, turning to drugs and treating her parents shabbily. Brad and Ashley were allowing Colleen to baby-sit for Abby to show they trusted her.

Not long after they left, Colleen walked outside to begin her smoke when baby Abby choked on a button and Colleen ran to her aid, saving her life. She was commended for her efforts after Brad and Ashley realized that the button was dropped by Ashley before she left.

Eventually Brad intervened and convinced Traci to allow Colleen to stay with him and Ashley. Despite being banned from seeing J. Colleen and JT's romance still blooms as JT composes and sings love songs for her.

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With Brad by her side, Ashley faced the biggest crisis of her life: the discovery that she had rapidly spreading breast cancer. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments and lost her hair. The stress involved affected their relationship, especially when Ash's former husband Victor was always right there for her support. Ash and Brad seem to have gotten things "back on track" but only after she drove him into her best friend Olivia's arms. Brad was wise enough to stop it at one kiss, but Liv had a hard time forgetting - especially once she uncovered Ashley's secret - that Ashley's daughter Abby was fathered by theft of Victor's sperm.

Ash did, Brad was furious and left.

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Only days later, he and Liv made love. Then Ashley discovered she was pregnant with Brad's child. They reunited, and Liv was left out in the cold. As Brad held the hand of the unconscious Ashley, the fetal heart monitor stopped. Ash was rushed into surgery, but the baby, named Robert Carlton after John's father, died. Nearly everyone blamed Victor. John even went out to the ranch and punched Victor in the face.

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When Ash was told, she blamed herself - especially after Olivia delivered the news that Ash can have no more children. When Victor came to see Ash, she told him to go away! Brad went gunning for Victor to even the score. Meanwhile Ashley had another mental breakdown, as she happily showed people her newborn son which was nothing but a baby blanket, and refused to allow Brad to have a memorial service. Ashley got the help and medication she needed, and returned home. Convinced it was caused by her untold secret, Ashley was determined to tell Victor the truth, that her daughter Abby is his child by stolen sperm sample.

Nikki begged her to be the one to tell, but adorable little Abby beat everyone to it, telling Victor, "Momma says you are my daddy. Brad told him it was true and Victor was livid with all involved. Victor wanted unsupervised visitation with Abby, Ashley wanted it too, but Brad was adamantly against it. Ashley, living in a dream world, suddenly announced to Brad that their marriage was over, because she wanted to be with her true love Victor. When Victor heard what she did, he confronted Ashley and made her realize that he was happily married to Nikki with no romantic interest in Ashley.

Ashley and Brad separated, Ash moved home to the Abbott's, leaving Abby staying in the house with Brad. Victor was enjoying regular visitation with Abby until she fell from a horse on the ranch, and became rather afraid of him. We get to creatively problem solve and contribute to our rapid growth story every day - and we have tons of fun while doing it. We are a creative digital consultancy.

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